Rural Organization for Social Education [ROSE] was started in the year 1994 by a team of first generation of rural educated men and women leaded by Mr.R.Arokiajulian and who have internalized the root causes of suffering of the most deprived sections much as children, adolescent girls, women, women with disabilities and so on. The principle objectives of the organization is educate and organize the deprived sections and enable them to address their own issues effectively and lead a dignified human living. Ever since the initiation, ROSE was driving to address to the felt needs at the most disadvantaged sections of the society.

Due to illiteracy and ignorance the rural disadvantaged were subject to several forms of social exploitation. To liberate these disadvantaged people ROSE was started by the women who had opportunity to complete their education on secondary, Higher Secondary and College levels. 


Working for the empowerment of the rural marginalized and downtrodden through means of community sensitization, organizing the community based organizations, building human rights movement and socio-economic sustainability


ROSE envisions a sensitized society which is vibrant to the needs of  the marginalized.


A peaceful, Harmonious, Responsible, Responsive and Conscientious disabled-friendly Society that Respects and Upholds the Rights of the underprivileged people.

Forthcoming Events

  • WATSAN committee meeting at Kalkunam village on 2nd May 2019
  • Training on Right to Information Act on 15th May for the person with disabilities at Messo India Community Hall, Vadalur
  • Capacity Building Training to the Key person with disabilities on 30th May 2019 at Panchayat Union Primary School West),Kurinjipady
  • Tailoring cum Embroidery training to the rural school dropouts at Osur village 1st   May to June 2019
  • Aids Awareness in College level during the Month of May and June 2019
  • Workshop
  • Special coaching classes starts from 1st   June 2019 at T.Manalur
  • Artificial identification camps at Virudhachalam on June 15th 2019
  • One-day Orientation on reproductive child rights at Vandavasi on July 12th 2019
  • Street Play on the rights of Person with Disability in Karunguzhi village on July 23rd 2019
  • Camp for Key Persons with Disability: 28th  July 2019


Although our strategies, programs and projects often overlap and it is difficult to separate community work into water tight compartment, our work currently spans the following three program areas, with one or more projects in each area:






Health and hygiene

Through our projects, we reach out to children, women, youth and persons with disability in the rural and urban communities of Cuddalore and Tiruvannamalai districts

Our Partners

  • Caritas International – Belgium

  • UNICEF India & Sweden through Tamil Nadu EcoSan Initiatives, Chennai

  • National Education Group- Misserior – Germany

  • Hesperian Foundation – USA

  • Hope for Children – UK

  • Mercury Phoenix-UK

  • May Pole – UK

  • Hand in Hand – Seed / Chennai

  • Aarron Charitable Trust- UK

  • Secondary Contribution from LAMP NET, Chennai

  • MIVA-Switzerland