Case Study 1

My name is Mrs.K.Kalpana residing at Melapudupettai and working as NGO Co-coordinator of ROSE. Before attending this computer course I am not even touch the computers due to my family background.  After completion of this course I am able to performance in the computer which includes M.S.Office, Talley, and Power Point presentation and so on.  I am using these skills into my carrier.  Now I am able to prepare the activity reports and accounts of our organization without depending others. So this course enacted me full fledged women and developed my abilities which strengthened my Self Esteem and Self Dignity

Case Study 2

Miss. M.Parameswari D/o Mayavel, aged 26 years old residing at kalkunam Village of Kurinjipady block.  She is physically handicapped girl belongs to scheduled community living under below poverty line and completed my SSLC.  Due to her  family situation she has not opportunity to continue her education.  In this precarious situation she got opportunity to undergo computer course conducted by ROSE.  She paved more interest to learn the skills and equipped her abilities.  After completed course she appointed in photo studio for printing computerized prints where she is earning Rs.1750/- per month which will be useful for her daily bread and butter. Not only  that she may be married very soon due to economic developments.

Case Study 3

I am Miss. Vinothini residing at Melapudupettai Colony.  My mother is member of Sunflower SHGs.  I have completed +2 and unable to continue my studies so I wasted my time and abilities due to my family situations. In this situation I have opportunity through ROSE for learning computer skills at CSC – Kurinjijipady where I equipped knowledge of Talley and MS Office by which I got job at Textiles Shop at Kurinjipady and doing bill collector.  Now I am earning Rs.1400/- per month which is very useful to me and my aged parents. I whole heartedly thanks to the organizing board of ROSE, HII Seed and CSC to extend this good opportunity.

Case Study 4

I am Mrs.K.Lakshimipriya D/o Kuppusamy living at Melapudupettai village of Kurinjipady block of Cuddalore Taluk of Tamilnadu. I am belonging to dalit communities and my parents are alliterated. But our parents guided to complete My B.COM., at Government College. After completed my degree course I wasted my life at home without aiming. In this situation I got opportunity to learn Talley course at CSC organized by ROSE where I developed knowledge on Talley and Basic of Computer Applications. In this course of the venture I got marriage and settled at Chennai where I am working in the private company. They offer Rs.3500/- per month salary for my job which gives more strength of family situation. Not only that which gives more confident and sustainability.


Case Study 5

Mr.Jeganathan, aged 36 years is residing at Pillaipalayam of Kurinjipady Block of Cuddalore Taluk. He is physically handicapped person who has opportunity to undergo training on Jewelry Training for 10 days duration at Panchayt Union Primary School, Kurinjipady where he learnt assembling and making different kinds of ornaments which includes different kinds of jewels neck less, tups, anklets, bangles, ottiyanams and so on. Not only that they learnt managerial and marketing skills to purchase and sales the produced ornaments. Now he is buying things at Villupuram and making different kinds of jewels and selling them in their sour rending villages by which he earn approximately Rs.1500/- to Rs.2000/-  as in part time work which help them to live decent and economic independent life.

Case Study 6

Mrs.M.Maheswari w/o Murugan is aged at 33 years old residing at Vadalur. She has completed her SSLC and looking her household work and rears her children at home. Her husband has been working in the gold smith shop as a daily worker at Vadalur. The income of her husband is not enough for their daily life and struggling to survive. In this socio economic background she has undergone our training and learnt the skills of making and assembling different kinds of jewels and fancy items. By which she earns approximately Rs.1500/- per month. Now she leads happy life and her children are going to school which is additional income for her family members.

Case Study 7

Mrs.G.dhanalakshimi w/o Govindaraju is aged at 31 years old residing at Vadalur. She has completed her ESLC and looking her household work and rears her children at home. She knows tailoring and embroider and doing stretching work at her home. But her income was not enough for her family maintenance. In this situation she has opportunity to learn fancy and jewelry training through which she ears Rs.1200 to 1500 per mon